a bit about me...

My one-of-a-kind expertise grows from more than seven years of design, account management and leadership experience. Upon completing my Visual Communications Degree, I quickly delved into graphic design. Always wanting to grow, I continued my eagerness to learn and evolve by taking on a number of different responsibilities. My role as an Account Manager allowed me to put my positive, energetic personality to work wheeling in clients; as a Creative Lead I used my design-savvy eye to guide a team of graphic designers in rolling out fashion-forward marketing campaigns which gave me the opportunity to embrace my leadership skills. More recently, learning to give creative direction on digital design, radio and video helped me transpose my print skills to a digital platform. Throughout my career, I have also embraced the role of being a mentor to the bright-eyed, career-driven, up-and-coming designers—helping them create new ideas for innovative design.

I have been loving and living life in Calgary and am eager to see where my path will lead to next. Please contact me if you'd like to work together on a project, or just to say hi! hello@terrinkcreative.com

Do what you love & love what you do.